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I highly recommend Cogent Digital Agency for online marketing, lead generation, lead follow up and general customer relationship management software. I have been working with Robert and his team for 4 years and we have developed a great business and personal relationship. Robert and the team at Cogent Digital Agency are always available to make adjustments to any of campaigns or sites to keep my advertising up to date and help me manage my clients and new leads!

Charles Laputka | CEO of the Laputka Law Office

I have used Cogent Digital Agency and the team of Robert Stanley on the recommendation of my business coach and I’ve never looked back. That was more than 5 years ago!

They are white glove professionals that will build your brand with you. From logos to websites and publishing blog posts, this team both builds and maintains and optimizes your platform for the most exposure.

As a full-service firm they will also manage social media marketing through Facebook and Google Adwords specifically targeted to your ideal market. I’ve had other offers for my business and not one of them outpaces what Robert and his team do to support my business success. I am a forever client!

Christine A. Kingston | Surf City Lawyers

I’ve been working with Cogent Digital Agency since 2017, when I had to build a new website on a new domain mostly from scratch. They were able to quickly get me back to a similar organic ranking, and even surpass that. The team at Local Pulse is responsive and helpful whenever I need changes or updates made, and I continue to trust them as our primary marketing provider for organic traffic, Facebook, and Pay Per Click leads.

John Razumich | Razumich & Delamater, P.C.

My Virtuoso website had crashed due to malware. I want to publicly express my gratitude to Linda and Robert at Cogent Digital Agency for fixing it ridiculously quickly, and on a weekend. Thank you!

Adam Kosloff | CEO & Founder, Virtuoso Content, LLC

I have been working with Robert since the fall of 2014. As one of the top bankruptcy filers in Massachusetts, I could not have built my practice to where it is today without help from Robert and his team. Look nowhere else. Just hire him.

Peter M. Daigle | CEO of Daigle Law Office

Yeah! I am so excited! I wanted to thank you guys for all the hard work you put into the site. It was such an easy process working with you all. I know Robert has a lot going on personally and I am so impressed with how you have all soldiered on. I recommend you all the time. We couldn’t be happier with the product or service.

Teri Westbrook | Westbrook Law Group

You guys rock!! It looks amazing. We have raved about you guys to everyone in Richard James Partner’s Club and posted a review of you guys on there. Thanks for everything!!

Brent Westbrook | Founding Member Experienced Missouri Bankruptcy Attorney

In March of 2013 Mr. Stanley and his web team took over our existing web site. At the time our traffic was fairly anemic and our bounce rate was sky high. It was over 70%. In addition to that we were not generating enough leads to maintain our business.

He redesigned our site within about a month and took over our adwords campaign. Within six months, we’ve had a lower bounce rate, a much higher conversion rate and in addition we’re doing triple the traffic that we were before. If you’re looking for a site web design and you’re looking to make more money, you need to hire Mr. Stanley.

Eric Engel | Engel Law Group

We’ve been trying to crack the code of on-line lead conversion from the beginning of our business and we were finding that we were struggling with it. We couldn’t get the results that we were looking for both on social medial and straight up on Google with paid advertising.

After meeting Robert through a series of events that we were at together and realizing he was a really bright guy, we decided to give them an opportunity and him and his team have really come through for us. We have found that we’re actually converting on a regular basis. We’ve got lead generation that we can actually count on these days directly from places like Facebook that I just never believed I would find them in and also on Google.

We’re constantly honing our identity on-line to be able to get a better web lead generation presence overall. Additionally, Robert’s been able to help us build a brand on-line that brought all of our marketing together and made it very cohesive.

My niche is attorneys. I deal directly with attorneys on a regular basis and so it was difficult for us to be able to find the right area for us to unearth these leads but Robert’s helped us identify how to do that, helped us identify how to convert those leads at the highest level possible and if you’re thinking about using Robert or his team, I highly recommend them.

Richard James | Automated Business Results

Robert Stanley has been a massive help and impacted my business significantly over the years. Robert has a wealth of experience in online marketing and specifically in Facebook advertising, conversion tracking, funnels and split testing. Every time I’ve had a question or an issue, I’ve been on the phone to Robert and he’s the first person to come in with the real strategies, ideas and things that I just had not thought of. He’s very hands-on, he likes getting involved, understanding what you’re trying to do and really does contribute. He just adds so much value to your business.

If you’re on the fence or if you’re talking to Robert in any shape, way or form about him helping you, then I whole-heartedly recommend that you get him on board and in your team straight away, because he will make a significant difference. He has deep analysis, he’s a great guy to work with, very hands-on and really understands the whole thing. I whole-heartedly recommend him. If you need to speak to me, then please do so if you need any more information. Thanks, Robert. I really appreciate all your input and help because you’ve really impacted my bottom line and our business, so thanks very much.

Paul Clifford | Disruptware

Robert has a unique ability to quickly understand your business and apply his vast knowledge of marketing in a way that produces tangible results. I hired him to help me rebuild my brand, my lead funnels and to create a new marketing strategy. If you can sneak onto his calendar, I highly recommend working with Robert.

Ron Phillips | Author, Speaker and Investor

Robert is a brilliant marketer with unmatched salesmanship which he combines with a highly technical skill-set. It is rare to work with someone who can be selling from the stage one minute, then split-testing sales funnels the next. A truly unique and talented marketing professional.

Jack Mize |

I met Robert at a marketing conference in 2009 and at the time he was just getting started. Since then he and I have collaborated on various projects together. He is hard working, smart and really good at what he does. Every time I work with Robert, he makes me and my company money.

Jon Shugart |

Pete Baldwin | Platinum Realty Network

James Rinkenburger | Video Media Productions

When I started with Cogent Digital Agency I had done little internet marketing because my first experience with internet marketing was a costly mistake and I quickly retreated. Since then I have been too leery to try anything else. Cogent Digital Agency is a company with integrity and sincere concern for the success of their clients. They came highly recommended and I can see why.

I was impressed by the amount of work that was done and the consistent level of service. The work was done in an appropriate amount of time and they communicated regularly the status along the way. I have total confidence in recommending this company.

Nancy B. | North Scottsdale Acupuncture

This note of thanks is for Krysti & Brian for the remarkable-results-producting SEO work you have done for me. In the last 2 months I’ve had at least 20 new subscribers to my newsletter (people I have never otherwise met) and 8 wonderful new clients who found me by searching the web (5 of these in the last 2 weeks). This makes me think the effectiveness of the changes is improving over time — something I think you might have said would occur as the search engines continued processing. (Not sure I said that accurately.) Needless to say, this has never happened before and I am amazed with the results. Thanks again for your expertise!

Sandra Egli | Center Of Intention