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Facebook Marketing for Local Businesses

Internet marketing is alive and kicking, especially in the form of Facebook Marketing. Problem is most local and small businesses are completely lost and feel confused about where to begin on Facebook for their business. The fact is it doesn’t cost a dime to set up a Facebook page for your business.

So why are so many businesses missing out on an opportunity to grow their business for free?  Well, for the most part its a lack of knowledge and understanding of how to properly leverage Facebook to actually help grow a strong business following online.

This is a BIG problem because Facebook has become an extremely lucrative marketing platform for businesses of all sizes for several reasons including:

  1. Facebook has over 900 million members on their platform & over 30% log in every single day
  2. Facebook is the most trafficked site on the Internet with users spending an average of 20 minutes a day on the site . (Yes, even more than Google)
  3. There are 3.2 billion ‘Likes,’ ‘Shares,’ and ‘Comments’ happening on Facebook every day. (That’s A LOT of Activity!)

So how do you get in on the action?

Well, the first step is to create and customize your Facebook Business Page and leverage the Timeline platform. Like everything else you put out on the web, be sure to appeal to your target market. A Facebook Business Page will provide your local or small business more flexibility in your online marketing efforts.

Cogent Digital Agency can help your business with any the following Facebook Marketing Services:

Custom Facebook Landing Pages (aka ‘Custom Apps’)

Build a custom landing page inside your Facebook Business Page that will leave a lasting impression on your new Facebook fans. With the Facebook Timeline layout it’s become critical to add a Landing page. The use of custom landing pages provides your business with a clear, legal place on Facebook to have your ‘Call To Action’. You can invite your visitors to ‘Like’ your page, to call for a consultation or quote, to sign up for a free video series or your monthly newsletter… really the possibilities are endless (and editable)! This is a place where you get to control the message to your market, and really get the type of response out of your Facebook Business page that you’re looking for.

Facebook Applications & Integrations 

Applications are essentially extra pages within your Facebook Business Page. You can integrate your business YouTube channel, your business Twitter account, your business blog, and much more. By adding Apps to your Facebook Business Pages means you’re expanding the functionality of your Business Page (think about the apps you have on your smart phone – very similar). Your Facebook visitors will be happy because they will have more information to review about your business as they try to get to know you better.  Here are just a few example of popular Facebook Apps we’ve set up:

Facebook Ad Network

What is so exciting about the Facebook Paid Advertising Network is the ability to target based on demographics. There are more businesses advertising on Facebook compared to any other social media site. Because Facebook collects so much information about us on our personal profiles (fact) they can offer businesses a great way to show their ad to a very specific group of people. You can use Facebook ads to target people based on things like: age, gender, location, income level, marital status, if you have children, your likes, the music you listen to, the movies you watch… and the list goes on. By targeting your most profitable prospect and placing a well crafted ad in front of that person, a whole new marketing opportunity has opened up for businesses on Facebook.


How many 'Likes' does your local business have?

What’s Next?

If you’re serious about taking the next step with Facebook there are a few ways we can help… Maybe it’s a Facebook Landing Page or maybe it’s Paid Advertising on Facebook. The best next step is to call us for a Free phone consultation – we want to hear about your business and your goals that way we point you in the right direction based on your current situation (you’ll find we’re not into the ‘cookie cutter’ approach).

Stop wondering how you can use Facebook in your business… call us to get started ASAP with a custom Facebook Marketing campaign for your business.

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