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Local Internet Marketing Firm

Cogent Digital Agency is a Internet marketing firm infused with strong direct marketing principles that helps businesses increase the size of their prospect and customer lists as well as the lifetime value of their customers by leveraging proven search engine marketing and social media marketing strategies for business.

Our experienced search engine marketing and social media marketing team helps businesses owners & entrepreneurs in 2 specific ways:

  1. Custom Internet Marketing Campaigns – We help to identify your best target markets online, help to craft a specific message for that target market and help to deliver that message through the appropriate media channel(s) to reach that target market effectively. Our firm works hand and hand with you to develop more than a search engine marketing strategy — we help businesses build automated marketing funnels online that work for them, not against them.
  2. LIVE Social Media Trainings & Workshops – Our Internet Marketing firm provides Live Social Media Marketing Trainings and Advanced Workshops to those businesses looking to get a serious edge over their competition. These LIVE trainings and workshops provide the education and know-how to effectively implement proven social media and search engine strategies into their businesses right away and get immediate results.


Internet Marketing Solutions For Business

Cogent Digital Agency is made up of a team of experts specializing in the following marketing strategies and techniques:

Our Mission

To help our clients, customers & students connect with their best target market online by leveraging powerful, proven search engine marketing and social media marketing techniques and strategies designed to drive more leads and sales while also increasing the lifetime value of each customer. We market for clients and teach our students to market in a way to:

  • Creates a consistent flow of highly targeted traffic, leads and ultimately sales
  • Develop well rounded marketing campaigns that deliver actual results
  • Optimize and adjust campaigns to continually increase profits and stay ahead of the competition

Our purpose is to create exciting, unique campaigns that compliment your local or small business and improve your current online marketing efforts. Building successful relationships online requires a vast amount of online media experience and a dynamic, sound understanding of customer behavior. Our intimate knowledge of the digital space and direct marketing principles will help you effectively communicate your message to your target market.

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