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Automated Business Follow Up Systems

follow up brings a pot of gold

Automated Follow Up Systems Free Up Time, Increase Conversion Rates and Close More Customers

3 main benefits a business can take advantage of when it automates much of its follow up and sales process are:

Free Up Time – this time can be utilized for more important things like focusing on growing your business. Remember, its not possible to turn back time so its important to spend as much time working on your business instead of working in your business.

Increase Conversion Rates – by leveraging repetition and having consistent interaction with interested prospects and existing customers even through automated follow up, will increase conversion rates. The more your target market sees you and your business on a consistent basis, the more top of mind awareness, credibility and trust those prospects will have in you and your business when they need the specific services or products that your company offers.

Close More Customers — automated follow up systems and tools can do much of the heavy lifting for your business online. When a solid online automated follow up system is successfully integrated into your business, you and your staff will be able to turn more interested prospects into new clients, customers, patients, etc. much easier than if you did it the old school way… manual follow up. Automated follow up tools allow you and your staff to work smarter, not harder.


Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing can be an incredibly powerful option for businesses if they’re looking to save time, increase conversions and bring in more revenue and ultimately take their business sales funnel to the next level. Email marketing gives you the ability to set up targeted automatic email drip campaigns that hit on the most relevant and important information your prospects need to hear in order to make a decision to use your company or not. 

Leveraging email marketing in your business will also give you another salesperson that never sleeps. Much of society still checks their email on a consistent basis whether its multiple times a day or just once a week. What this means is that your business has the opportunity to extend the conversation with your interested prospects by simply sending timely, valuable emails.


SMS Text Messaging & Appointment Reminders

As mobile continues to soar with its usage and the fact that everyone has some sort of mobile device and everyone has the ability to receive sms text messages, it seems like a no brainer to lean on mobile follow up systems to bring your business a higher percentage of new and repeat customers.

The key to sms text message marketing is the fact that sms text message open rates are extremely high — around 98%. This number is simply too high to ignore. So if you know that your target market spends a good amount of time on their mobile devices (like the our country’s younger population), then it would be a smart idea to see if this strategy would work in your business.

Another powerful way to leverage automated sms text messaging is through Appointment Reminders. These automated appointment reminders help businesses keep their show up rate high and avoid the dreadful appointment cancellation that bring in no revenue. A simple appointment reminder campaign may be the one thing that keeps your schedule full and produce a significant increase in a business’ monthly profit. So if you business has a high cancelation rate, then sms appointment reminders may be incredibly effective strategy to minimize this lost revenue.


Automated Online Seminars

Since the b2b business sales cycle typically has a longer sales cycle, automated webinars (also known as ‘online seminars’) may be your ticket to saving a ton of time that would normally be dedicated to prospecting for new clients along with increasing conversion rates of interested prospects who come through your business funnel.

Imagine meeting a group of 20 or so b2b business owners at a networking event, trade show or industry convention. You gather all of their contact information and the next step for you is to follow up with them. The thing is at this point you don’t really know who is serious about using your products and services. This can be an extremely frustrating and time consuming part of the follow up process but its essential.

A simple way to get through this tiring and time wasting follow up process would be to record an online seminar that can be setup to replay over and over (with the intent of looking like a live seminar each time it plays), on a consistent basis. This online seminar can be setup to deliver the most important information each one of your b2b business owner prospects must learn about your products and services in order for them to take the next steps in your sales process. Online seminars may be your follow up’s most powerful weapon especially in the b2b business world.


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