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Case Study: Platinum Realty Network


Real Estate Company Lead Generation SystemPlatinum Realty Network is a highly specialized brokerage firm located in North Scottsdale, AZ known for their tremendous ability to match clients with the exact property they’re in search of along with a tough-as-nails approach to property negotiation.

At the end of 2010, Platinum Realty Network got in touch with Cogent Digital Agency after struggling for 4 months to figure out how to truly leverage pay per click advertising in the Scottsdale real estate market in order to position themselves in front of all of people who are searching online for real estate in the Scottsdale area.

With this specific campaign, there was ONE GOAL: to build a list of targeted leads allowing for the opportunity to remarket to a highly targeted list of interested buyers.

Below are most important metrics of Platinum Realty Network’s first pay per click campaign (September – December 2010) just prior to partnering up with Cogent Digital Agency:

  • 0.53% CTR or click-through-rate
  • $1.15 CPC or cost-per-click
  • $32.98 cost-per-lead
  • 34 leads — 1 lead every 3.5 days

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The Strategy

The services provided under the Local Pay Per Click campaigns include:

  • Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis
  • Information Marketing
  • Custom Landing Pages Created with Lead Capture Mechanism
  • Google Adwords Campaign Built & Monthly Optimization

Cogent Digital Agency conducted a complete campaign rebuild with the intent of driving advertising costs down and building a large list of hot potential Scottsdale home buyers.


The Results

The results listed below were achieved from January 2011 to Aug 2011 (8 months). The metrics in the parentheses are Platinum Realty Network’s previous pay per click numbers:

  • 1.70% CTR or click-through-rate (0.53% CTR)
  • $0.69 CPC or cost-per-click ($1.16 CPC)
  • $13.84 cost-per-lead ($32.98)
  • 613 total leads brought in through the system in 8 months — an average of 2.5 leads a day (34 leads — 1 lead every 3.5 days)


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