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Quickest Way To Burn Through Your Advertising Budget

making your advertising budget last longerThe majority of business owners continue to side-step this one particular question of mass Importance: Who is your target market? And for the few that actually give me an answer, there’s a strong chance this was their answer: ‘Everyone.’

Well, this couldn’t be farther from the truth (unless you’ve got tons of dollars), especially when marketing online. But don’t worry… by the time you get done reading this post, you will know the exact steps to take in order to understand who your best target market is online… we’ll get to that in a second.

But first let’s dive into this online death trap of targeting everyone a little more…

You see, when your target market is everyone, its extremely difficult to craft a single message that actually please everyone simply because that message isn’t “personal enough” and doesn’t hit on any specific ‘hot points of’ the ‘everyone target market.’

So the question now is “Who is the specific client/customer that you want to attract in the worst way to your business and serve?” and when I say serve, I mean provide true value to your target market through your products, services, information, resources, customer service, etc.

FACT: if your target market is everyone, you will absolutely spend a lot of more money on advertising than you probably originally hope for because you’re trying to please the everyone target market. This style of marketing with inevitably Bleed Ad Dollars. (If you don’t believe, by all means, go ahead and try it for yourself, but don’t get mad when I tell you “I told you so.”)

Luckily, most of the time, the bleeding of ad dollars can be fixed by simply focusing down on, you guessed it, a narrower target audience.

Here’s a real life example for you…

There’s a new chiropractor moving to Phoenix, AZ and his specialty is working with pregnant women. He had found in his 5 years of practicing as a chiropractor in the city he used to live that pregnant women were great patients because they pay more attention to their health during pregnancy and are willing to pay for quality chiropractic help especially when they didn’t feel good physically.

In this case, it would be smarter for him to focus his online marketing efforts on serving the pregnant woman population of Phoenix to build his online foundation instead of trying to beat out all of the other established chiropractic offices in Phoenix.

When you serve one particular market, your message(s) can be more personal with your specific target audience and they will absolutely take notice and love you for it.

A great way to understand who your perfect target market is for your business is to create something called a ‘Client Avatar.’

Think about who your ideal client is and specifically what their pains, obstacles, questions and frustrations are, what kind of clothes do they wear, what kind of car do they drive, where do they live, what type of income do they make on a yearly basis, what sources do they get their information from on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, what kind of language do they speak, etc.

Once you know all of this info, you can then craft a personal, direct message that speaks directly to your target market’s pain points time and time again in each one of your marketing messages. Conquer one target market and then move onto the next.

Leave a comment below and tell us what your biggest target market frustrations are in your business…

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