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3 Local Business Marketing Tips From Our Friends At In-And-Out Burger

local business marketing ideasYour first encounter at In-And-Out  will always be with one of the friendly, well dressed, enthusiastic, professional, fast moving attendants (inside or out). This well established ‘Burger Joint’ has a lot of traditions as well as some very important local business marketing tips worth their weight in gold.  Back in 1948 when Harry and Esther Snyder founded this privately owned fast food style, burger joint the business philosophy was simple: “Give customers the freshest, highest quality foods you can buy and provide them with friendly service in a sparkling clean environment.” These principles have worked so well over the years that they are still the company’s fundamental philosophy.

From the moment you approach the drive thru you realize, “this isn’t like an ordinary fast food burger joint”.  Rather than screaming your order at a rickety, old, rectangular piece of metal with a loud speaker – at In-And-Out you’re greeted by an actual human being.

The attendant is anxiously awaiting each new customer (rain or shine) ready to politely and quickly take your order and get you on your way. They even go to the extra trouble of asking you if you’ll be eating the food in your car, so they can package your meal in the most efficient way for the customer (how thoughtful to go above and beyond what is expected, hmmmm). You’re then handed your drinks first, then asked if you want any salt or ketchup, then the smiling attendant finally hands over your mouth watering meal.

If you had to complain about anything at In-And-Out Burger, it would have to be the lines. It’s tough being so popular that cars are backed up into street intersections.

A few key Local Business marketing tips  from In-And-Out Burger:

1)      Look to Build a Relationship – You can do this in person at a physical location or online through tools like Facebook and LinkedIn. Example: There is a smiling attendant standing at the entrance of the drive through to take your order.

2)      Have a Unique Offer – It should be something that separates you from your competition. Example: They offer fresh, high quality food and a sparkling clean environment, and this is at a fast food burger joint. One more … there are only 3 menu items for customers to choose from – burger, fries and drinks – this is very unique in the fast food world of ever expanding and changing fast food menus

3)       5 Star Customer Service – Providing a high level of customer service, increases customer satisfaction and the overall lifetime value of a customer.  There are curb side attendants ready to take your order outside the restaurant, and inside, there is a rigorous “cleaning” schedule to keep tables clean and make the environment sparkle.

It’s important that your local business marketing plan is actually “a plan” or at least delegate the responsibility to people on your team you can count on to make sure these areas of your business are sharp. Having a loosely laid marketing plan or no plan at all is just asking for trouble (Marketing lesson #53).

Be proactive, take control of your business and remember local business marketing online offers a perfect platform for building relationships with prospects and customer, sharing your unique offer and showcasing your 5 star customer service by through testimonials. If you’re not sure how to get stated online or what is important to focus on with your online marketing plan, call or email the team at Cogent Digital Agency.

In closing, if you have never experienced an In-And-Out Burger you’re truly missing out. I urge you to take advantage of your VERY next opportunity to experience the genius marketing strategy behind this restaurant, the service and of course the amazing food.  You can thank me later.

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