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Facebook Social Plugins For Business Enhances Marketing

Ever wonder how to integrate your Facebook page with your business website, or any other entity you want to put a Facebook Like Button or a Facebook Like Box on. This video is going to show you all of the available social plugins for the social media giant.

Facebook Business Social Plugins Video Tutorial [Transcription]

First thing you want to do in order to find the Facebook Social Plugins section is click the “Edit Page” button on the right side of the page. Next, you’re going to scroll over to the left and you’re going to scroll down to Resources and click the “Resources” link. From Resources, you’re going to scroll down under the “Connect with people” link to the “Use social plugins” link. This is your main button right here. Let’s click on that and then we get to see exactly what you can put on your website or any other property online that you own.

You have a Facebook Like Button which is a button letting visitors actually share pages from your site on their Facebook profile with one click. That’s awesome. Really great button, the Facebook Send Button allows your users to easily send your content to their friends, much like an email but they’re going to send it within Facebook.

Next, there is a Subscribe Button and this allows people to subscribe to other Facebook users directly from your site, if that suits you. You can put a Comments feed on your website right here. This is really powerful.

The Facebook Comments plugin lets you comment on any piece of content on your site and it will post through Facebook. That’s very important. You can have your Activity Feed plugin here, which shows users what their friends are doing on your site through Likes and comments so that’s cool. It’s just social proof. That’s really what Facebook is, is social proof for your business.

Next is the Facebook Recommendations social plugin, which give your users personalized suggestions for pages on your site that they might like. So again, very easy to set up.

The Facebook Like Box enables users to actually Like your Facebook page and view it streamed directly from your website. It’s basically like having your Facebook page inside of your website, just maybe on a sidebar or something. But very clean and very good to have.

Let’s say you wanted to actually go and configure the Like Button here, which is probably the most important social plugin here. You would literally just go through the Wizard here, fill out all the information, put the URL of your website right here and just fill out all this stuff. It’s a personalized Wizard. You’re going to get the code. They have instructions down below. And then there’s another step, specifically for the Like Button, to get those tags. You’re going to have to work with your web designer or web developer, to integrate these, unless you’ve coded your website yourself.

Let us know which Facebook plugin do you like best for business?

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