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Best Ways to Market Your Phoenix Business Offline

If you are an internet marketer it might seem logical that all of your marketing efforts and expenses would involve marketing online. You may, for example, have a considerable budget for search engine advertising, SEO services, banner ads or paying writers for articles. Has it ever crossed your mind that you might be able to do effective marketing offline as well? Not all of your potential customers are online! So if you only market on the internet, think of how many possible customers you are missing! So what’s the best way to start marketing offline? Marketing offline is not hard, so let’s look at some good methods that will help you begin.

Almost every newspaper has a classified ads section. You’ve probably already tried to advertise online at sites like Craigslist. You could just as easily advertise in a local newspaper’s classified section. What many online marketers don’t realize is that they would have to write about twelve online ads to get the same number of potential customers as a good, three line classified ad in a newspaper. Of course, there is a charge to advertise in a newspaper, but does this really matter if it results in lots of sales? A classified ad will enable people who don’t have computers to see your ad, while they can later log on to the internet in a public place if they decide they want to order something from your site!

Another great option not often used by internet marketers is display advertising in newspapers. Go through your local newspaper and ask yourself where a small ad might be effective. A small ad that is only a few inches square shouldn’t cost you too much money. If you advertise in the best section for your business, you can be found by many people who seldom surf the web. You can also create a discount coupon code for anyone who sees your ad in the newspaper; this will help you track how well the ad is performing. If you find an ad that works well, you can keep using it; don’t forget to have nice graphics in the ads aside from text!

Pens cans work wonders with your ads. You want a slogan or a short ad that will entice the reader to visit your website and yes this can accomplished with a pen. Once you start distributing them you will quickly find out how easy they are to get rid of. Use it when you write a check or sign a credit card slip at the grocery store and then “forget” to put it back in your bag. There are so many different places to leave these and people to pass them out to without even coming off as trying to market or sell something. Your public library is another good spot; don’t be afraid to walk up to someone and hand it to them. Who wouldn’t accept a free pen! The offline world presents a much larger amount of ways to reach new customers. With the online advertising platforms becoming more strict you need to find diverse ways of finding customers. I hate to say it but if you had only one choice then it would be wiser to choose offline marketing over the internet if you were looking at it in terms of earning potential.

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