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Local Small Business Video Marketing Ideas


Below are 5 powerful local business video ideas that you can implement into your Internet marketing plans:

How-To Videos

If you are a local business, go and check out ExpertVillage on how-to videos.  There’s a bazillion how-to videos on there. They have everything from how to walk your dog, to how to kiss a girl, to how to, you know, lay tile.  If you are looking to do how-to videos and you haven’t done video yet I would definitely head over there and take a look around and see what kind of stuff is happening in the video space.

Process Videos

You can do process videos which are a great way to basically help people to understand exactly what your process is.  If you’re a dentist and you want to show people what’s unique about your office, you can walk them through the process of what it is to be a new patient and how we take care of you and what have you.  You can show people how your local business operates and win them over with your business.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are huge. Whenever you have the opportunity to grab a testimonial from a happy customer, do it.  To be quite honest, video quality isn’t an issue in my mind. You really need to make sure that your audio is good. You don’t want to take a video of somebody in a crowded room at a conference and try to put that up because that just sucks, that’s just horrible.  But you can take that same person outside or someplace other quiet place to grab a video testimonial… even if it’s 10 or 15 seconds; it’s social proof and social proof is what makes a huge impact on your bottom line.

Interview Style Videos

We have a client that did a really great interview style video.  They shared about their medical practice and neither one of the doctors had ever been on video ever before and this was a great opportunity for them to showcase what was happening in their facility and they had a really neat facility, extremely marketable, extremely unique business.

But interview is one of those things where the camera can be over here and I can be talking to you and it’s a much more comfortable approach for a lot of people and it’s just another way to get again, the message across.

Action Videos

And last but not least, you have your action videos. Plain and simple, show your stuff in action. This will give the viewers/your prospects a good idea what to expect when they decide to do business with your company. Be transparent and let people to see exactly what’s happening.

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