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Local Business Video Success Formula

Give somebody one thing to do and they’ll do it. Give them two things and they won’t do anything at all.

Keep with one specific goal for your videos.

What is your ideal outcome and what is your viewer’s ideal outcome?  Answer these 2 questions and you will be able to pull your video all together and really connect with folks through your videos. When you match your goals with your target market’s goals, then you will achieve your desired response.

Here is Your Video Success Formula:

  1. The first 8 to 15 seconds is your hook – this is where you get people to stay and watch your video.  This is the most important element to your video because if you don’t get it right, you’ve lost the game before you even start. Your best hooks are usually true and obvious but we tend to ignore them. Whatever you can do to basically get intrigue and sink that hook in. Sensory stimulation works really well too.
  2. Next move into the body of the video – this is your opportunity to give value to your target market. This is your opportunity to ‘serve’ them some great valuable information that they can benefit from right away.
  3. Strong, Clear, Concise, Direct Call-To-Action –What do you want to get from your viewers? “Call today to set up an appointment” or “sign up for our free report.” This is crucial because if you don’t ask your viewers to do the thing you want them to do, chances are very strong they won’t do anything at all.

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