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Most Common Video Marketing Failures

Local businesses try online video with little success and don’t understand why. This post explains the most common online video failures guaranteed to sap video viewership.

The first most common failure in video marketing is the video intro is too long and people are hitting the back button. The intro is there to let viewers know who is responsible for the video and nothing more. Get your viewers to the content that they’re searching for. So give them what they want.

Creating Boring Videos is the next Most Common Video Failure.  You must be able to stand out and don’t be afraid to be a little OUTRAGEOUS. Do whatever you need to do to standout from the crowd.

Being too salesy. You’re not going to make many friends acting like a you know what.

No Call-To-Action.  This happens all the time. READ THIS CLOSELY: If you’re going to take the time to make a nice video, you’ve got to have a call-to-action. If you’re not going to have a call-to-action, you might as well not even do anything because then you’re relying on the your video viewer to do exactly what you want them to do. [Fat Chance by the way].

Bad Audio. There is nothing that will turn off viewers faster than bad audio. Spend a couple bucks and invest in a microphone. Always remember: Audio quality is way more important than video quality.

The real reason why video fails typically is just because people don’t know what they’re doing.

They don’t know how to optimize videos properly in order to get them positioned on the search engines and get them viewed from organic, free traffic. When businesses wing this part of the video marketing process, they can easily kill their video right on then and there.

There you have it… the most common failures for online video. Avoid these at all costs.

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