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Paul Clifford

Robert Stanley has been a massive help and impacted my business significantly over the years. Robert has a wealth of experience in online marketing and specifically in Facebook advertising, conversion tracking, funnels and split testing. Every time I’ve had a question or an issue, I’ve been on the phone to Robert and he’s the first person to come in with the real strategies, ideas and things that I just had not thought of. He’s very hands-on, he likes getting involved, understanding what you’re trying to do and really does contribute. He just adds so much value to your business.

If you’re on the fence or if you’re talking to Robert in any shape, way or form about him helping you, then I whole-heartedly recommend that you get him on board and in your team straight away, because he will make a significant difference. He has deep analysis, he’s a great guy to work with, very hands-on and really understands the whole thing. I whole-heartedly recommend him. If you need to speak to me, then please do so if you need any more information. Thanks, Robert. I really appreciate all your input and help because you’ve really impacted my bottom line and our business, so thanks very much.

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