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Richard James

We’ve been trying to crack the code of on-line lead conversion from the beginning of our business and we were finding that we were struggling with it. We couldn’t get the results that we were looking for both on social medial and straight up on Google with paid advertising.

After meeting Robert through a series of events that we were at together and realizing he was a really bright guy, we decided to give them an opportunity and him and his team have really come through for us. We have found that we’re actually converting on a regular basis. We’ve got lead generation that we can actually count on these days directly from places like Facebook that I just never believed I would find them in and also on Google.

We’re constantly honing our identity on-line to be able to get a better web lead generation presence overall. Additionally, Robert’s been able to help us build a brand on-line that brought all of our marketing together and made it very cohesive.

My niche is attorneys. I deal directly with attorneys on a regular basis and so it was difficult for us to be able to find the right area for us to unearth these leads but Robert’s helped us identify how to do that, helped us identify how to convert those leads at the highest level possible and if you’re thinking about using Robert or his team, I highly recommend them.

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